Canadian Family Sponsorship Lawyer

Canadian citizens and permanent residents may sponsor their:

Canadian citizens outside of Canada, you must show that they intend to live in Canada once their sponsored relative’s permanent resident status is granted.

Permanent residents living outside of Canada are not eligible to sponsor their spouse.

The Basic Requirements:

The basic requirements to sponsor a relative are that the sponsor must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, 18 years of age, reside in Canada, and have the minimum necessary income to support the sponsored relatives once they land in Canada. The sponsor must agree in writing to support his/her relatives for a certain period of time once they arrive in Canada.

Exceptions to the Minimum Income Requirement:

There is no requirement to meet a minimum income in order to sponsor a spouse, common- law partner, conjugal partner, or child. Regardless, the sponsor must still show he/she has sufficient income or assets to support these family members without resorting to using social assistance once they land in Canada.

You are not eligible to sponsor a relative if you:

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