Family Sponsorship Assessment

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General Details


Date of birth

Email address

Confirm email address

Are you a Canadian citizen?

If not, citizenship

Are you a permanent resident of Canada?

What is your country of Residence?

Sponsor Details

Who do you want to sponsor?

How many people in total do you want to sponsor?

Are you employed?

What is your total income in Canadian dollars?

Were you yourself sponsored to Canada within the last 5 years?

Have you sponsored anyone else to Canada in the last 3 years?

Are you an undischarged bankrupt?

Are you in receipt of social assistance for reasons other than disability?

Are you subject to a removal order?

Are you detained in any prison, jail, reformatory or penitentiary?

Have you been convicted of any crimes within the last 5 years?

Applicant Details


Date of birth


Country of Birth

Country of residence

Relationship to the sponsor

Are you married?

Do you have any children?

If yes, how many and what ages?

Do you have any serious medical disorders?

Have you been convicted of or charged with any criminal offence inside or outside Canada?

Have you previously applied for temporary visas to Canada?

Have you previously applied for permanent residence in Canada?

If you answered yes to any of the above admissibility questions, then please provide details below

Is there anything else we should know about the sponsor or the applicant that may be important?


Before you click submit, read the declaration and check the box if you agree and you consent to being contacted by Dogen Law office regarding your enquiry. I certify that the above information provided by me in the Free Assessment Form is true. * Furthermore, I consent to Dogen Law office contacting me regarding the above Free Assessment Form if I qualify for family sponsorship.


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